A walk through the City of Lines

Air and Light Pollution


The Unavoidable Relationship

Colour #1


Another World

I väntan på bättre tider




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Anna Henryson


I am a Swedish photographer currently residing in Gothenbug working in various fields of photography by exploring different types of approaches within the medium, such as portraiture, landscape and architecture. With a background in film and design, I have always worked in the creative fields. I found photography in my early years but liked the thought of doing varied things; hence the three years spent studying film in high school and the different types of short courses whilst studying at university. Science has always been an interest and in recent years I have tried to incorporate the scientific in visual art and how to portray that in causes I care about, like environmentalism and space.

Photography is my way of portraying my thoughts of the world and art to others. It is important that the projects I do are taken from current affairs that I find important to explore further and sometimes the outcome might not have been what I first believed, which in certain cases can change my whole perception. Much of my work has visually been very different to previous projects. In the past, I have created imaginary worlds, explored the stages of human life, researched about light pollution, environmentalism and done commissioned portraits. My practise is not so much about working in a specific area, but to explore many types of fields as it is my way of getting a general knowledge about the world we live in.

My most recent project is about portraying the City of London as a body by creating a map for the viewer, which shows a walk one can take down Bishopsgate in the east part of the City of London. By shooting ten of the structures that create the skyline in the area I am challenging the traditional way of architectural photography by focusing on a more abstract portrayal. By using the map, accompanied with coordinates, which are found in a book, the viewer can walk down Bishopsgate and the streets around to find these buildings. The viewer is invited to walk the same route as I have, which is the order of the book, but is also welcomed to explore his or her own path in order to explore this part of the City.


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